One of My Concerns


One of My Concerns

For the past several decades, wild capitalism has dominated Vietnam and China. In a one-party ruling system society, like Vietnam or China, prosperity is shared only among the high ranked cadres’ families; whereas, the majority of the people hardly have enough food to eat. Corruption is an essential part of the system operation. Together with unfair and unjust competition, corruption helps the government to add up surpluses and the high ranked officials to get richer. Corruption is also a way to pay lower government officials and to keep them faithful. However, as long as the majority of the people live like slaves, the country is not sound and stable, not to mention powerful. What’s the fortune for? Buying weapons? Building aircraft carriers? Buying land, sea, and leaders of the neighboring countries? Conquering the world? Starving and unhappy people are more likely to destroy the uncontrolled ambitions of their leaders than any superpower.

The world has long been actually ruled by the multinational corporations. Profit only oriented, the multinational corporations ignore the welfare of the people, and that of the environment. They lobby and reign in the leaders for the benefits of their special interests whereas they exploit the regular people. Involuntarily, they are pushing the world to the brink of war as a result of their conflicting interests in arms sales, leave alone the ambitious expansionism of the rising China.

People in North America and Europe are suffering from corporate tyranny; people in Asia are suffering from a combined of dictatorial tyranny and corporate tyranny. Workers in North America and Europe are unemployed while those in Asia are underpaid. They are all angry and ready to go to war to solve their unhappiness. Intellectuals should get out of their towers of fear, indifference, self-sufficiency, or false sense of security, etc., and cooperate with one another to find out ways to influence their leaders to come up with proper policies to save the world from wars.

In this era of globalization, regular people should get involved in social and political issues to voice their own concerns. They should demand their governments for the fair share of the pie in terms of wages, as well as for the political rights as citizens. They should not tolerate the devaluation of the currency by their government for the purpose of unjust competition. Workers of the world should stand up themselves and demand to be paid somewhat the same in terms of buying power value, no matter where they live and work.

To prevent world instability caused by corporate tyranny and/or dictatorial tyranny, intellectuals should help the regular people recognize and demand for their rights economically and politically so that the people can take back the power. The people will put the ruling power in the hands of their termed representatives and leaders. Democracy means that the people can freely elect their leaders to run the government; and if they got corrupt, they would get impeached.

Is a human life without human rights worth living?

Nguyễn Thế Quang (Quang Nguyen)

Sep 9, 2011

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